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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"mommy" glow...

...not for me. Dang it. I have had many requests from friends to take pictures of my growing belly (and believe me, it is growing every day), but I'm a little hesitant because what people might see is a giant strawberry. My whole life I've had eczema, and no, as my friend Mel once asked, it is not contagious, ha! However, it does have a habit of making my eyelids look swollen and dry and scaley. This doesn't happen all of the time, but it is often enough that I often go to work with no makeup to let it heal. Lately, it has been a different story. My entire face is constantly swollen, dry and pealing. It has gotten so bad that people have constantly been asking how I feel. When I respond, "fine," they always go, "oh," like really, are you sure? So I have learned to follow up with some response about my allergies driving me crazy, that usually seems to satisfy them.

This week, it finally got to me, I'd had enough and realized that this is not normal so I went to the doctor. She couldn't believe that I had waited so long to come in; she said it was terrible and that usually with cases this severe they use steriods, but that was out of the question because of the bug. She also told me that some people get lucky and babies make their skin beautiful, others, like me, get the raw end of the deal where the baby makes everything 10 times worse than it was. So now I have four different ointments on my face and hopefully it will start to look normal; maybe I will even get that "mommy" glow!


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