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Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to Norwich

Welcome to Norwich! Here are some quick facts...
  • Norwich has approximately 259,000 people within the city limits.
  • In the 11th century, Norwich was the 2nd largest city in England. (I know, it is crazy to even think of anything being this old!)
  • 98 homes were demolished to make way for the Norwich Castle (pictures below) after the Norman Conquest of 1066.
  • The cathedral was commissioned by Herbert de Losinga, Bishop of Thetford, in 1096.
  • Norwich is one of the top 10 most prosperous shopping destinations in the UK.

I could go on and on. I am so excited to live somewhere with so much history to explore!

Norwich Cathedral. The city is always bustling, but the area immediately surrounding the cathedral is wonderfully peaceful.

Above is a great view of the Norwich Castle.
The picture above is a picture of the sign for the Adam and Eve pub (picture of the pub below). This is the oldest pub in Norwich (one of the oldest in England) and first records of the pub are from workers building the Cathedral...around 1096!

I just had to take a picture of the cobblestone roads. I definitely learned my lesson about wearing flat flip-flops for hours at a time.

This is a picture of Elm Hill. It is an old mid evil street and the oldest in Norwich. Residents say it is haunted (they have ghost tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

This is some of the shopping area. In the background you can see a glimpse of the Norwich market. I will probably be making daily trips here to pick up fresh produce because my refrigerator will not be able to hold much more than that!

This is one of the 52 churches (they have turned some of them into other city uses). I am kind of morbid and couldn't help but think the old gravestones leaning up against the churches were kind of neat. All of the churches are built with flint which is mined locally.
Yes, they still have these...funny, huh?

Another view of the city centre.

Another church that is now a community center.

Another view of the Castle.
One of the bridges from the Riverfront to the city centre.

It really is a great city and, if I only think about day to day life, I am so excited for a new adventure in a new place!


Anonymous said...

Great post Sam! I am so excited for you guys, and yet so sad to see you guys leave us. I really do hope I get to visit you when I am over there in 2012. Love ya! Andrea

Phoebe said...

Looks like an amazing place to live!
Enjoy and do lots of exploring!


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your posts. When I am in England later this year I am hopeful we can swing by Norwich


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