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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our house in Norwich

I know, I know...I am way behind on posts.  As we begin the process of looking for a house here (I think we found one:), I realized I never posted pictures of our home in Norwich.  Here are some pictures...mind you, these were taken mid-packing stage...don't judge:).  

Living there has had an impact on our wants and expectations for housing here.  A closet is gold...more than one and we're hooked...storage room?...where do we sign.  A washer and dryer located somewhere other than under the kitchen cabinet is a must (honestly, we're just thrilled to have a normal-size, separate washer and dryer).  Speaking of the kitchen...if it has cabinets that are not filled with boilers, or appliances and can be used for actual kitchen storage...we're in.  Oh, and having everything on one floor would be amazing...no more walking up three flights of stairs...bliss.

All joking aside...this was a great house for the last two years, and we are so blessed to have been able to call it home.

second floor landing

the second floor had two bedrooms and a bathrrom

P's room...I can't wait to be able to paint!

our room...again paint and pictures will be fantastic!

entry...wardrobes are a must in Europe

first floor (or ground floor:) water closet

top-floor bedroom

3rd floor...P's corner
3rd floor

this is after we sold our tv

no, we are not the blue house...we're on the backside and our front door was located through the tunnel on the left...


Karen said...

The kitchen is pretty big for a European home! Can't wait to hear where you will be living in Doo-Dah!

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