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Monday, July 13, 2009

The first of many things you should know...

For the entire length of my pregnancy, I have constantly received advice, tid bits and just straight up random information. For a while I was a little embarrassed to comment on any of these little tid bits, but I think it is time that the truth comes out! Today, I'm starting with one of the least embarrassing parts of being pregnant: body hair, ha.

When you first get pregnant everyone says how full your hair is going to be and how fast your nails grow, etc. I have to admit that both of these are true (although you couldn't tell in my hair because it was so fine to begin with). So far this sounds great, right? Fuller hair, long nails, that "glow", we may as well have a pregnancy pageant...not so fast; what they don't tell you is that you are not suddenly growing more hair, you are just losing less, and not just on your head. Suddenly I feel like I am constantly on the verge of a unibrow and having to tweeze every day. My next revelation of this hair business just came this morning; as I was looking down at my belly--by the way, that is all I see when I look down--I notice how hairy my big round belly is! I kind of feel like I'm now carrying a big round peach under my shirt!! Thank goodness for blond hair! I'm kind of afraid that the same thing is happening on my face so I am trying to stand farther from the mirror...kind of a sad solution, I know.

Anyway, I'm now making it my duty to share; just because I think you should know!


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