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Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Landon!

Yesterday, my little brother turned 28.  Seriously?  He is now officially older than my profile on this blog says I am (incidentally, he is the one who pointed out my error).

I can't lie, when we were younger we fought...a lot...I'm pretty sure we drove my parents crazy.  I can remember holding each other hostage in the kitchen with water guns...yeah, ok so I was a wimp and it was really him and Garrett holding me and my friend hostage in the kitchen (that is until we threatened to go to the bathroom in the sink)...yelling about how annoying the other was...and literally telling on him every time he looked at me the wrong way on long car trips.

Thank goodness we have grown up...a bit...we still give each other a hard time (we are both super sarcastic so it is how we bond:), but I am so proud to call him my brother.  He is one of the most amazing, smart, funny, sarcastic, maddening and big-hearted guys I know.  We love him so much!!

Not only was Landon's birthday yesterday, but his sweet, beautiful girlfriend, Babette's was also yesterday.  Happy birthday you two!!


tessajoy said...

i'm laughing out loud. i can just see g and landon holding you hostage :) ha! happy birthday lando!

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