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Friday, July 6, 2012

olympic torch

 We spent the 4th of July celebrating the UK and following the Olympic torch...I know, it was kind of a weird way to spend Independence Day, but (substituting US flags for UK) it was a pretty great way to spend the afternoon.  I love when everyone is out in the city centre and excited.  I especially love all of the street performers (both planned and not) who line the streets.  We had a great time!  Parker and I even went out early the next morning to watch it leave the city...so fun!!

Just some pictures of some of the performers and Parker waiting for the torch to come.

He actually slept for the first hour that we waited...oh and yes, that is a USA shirt he had on...we had to represent!

 Below are some pictures of the crowd and parts of the parade...oh and the torch...as you can see I waited for an hour and then almost missed it with my camera...I'm an idiot...

We were really lucky the next morning because it passed right through the Cathedral Close which is right next to our home.  P and I went to watch it again...so glad we did!

Parker wore his Team GB shirt this time...oh and he picked out his green pants.

We had such a great couple of days...and nice weather too!!


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