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Monday, October 22, 2012

pirates, pumpkins and football

I love fall...leaves turning, pumpkins, football, scarves and boots...seriously, what more could you ask for?  For some reason, this weekend finally felt like fall.  Despite being sick (again) all day Friday and most of the weekend (I'm blaming my last whiny post on not feeling well, ha), it was fabulous.  

I really hate being sick, but because I have had three friday nights in the last month where I have been completely out of commission, Brady and Parker have had some awesome quality time together.  Daddy usually treats P to Zac's, and they both get to eat their favorite dinner...cheeseburger and fries...lucky, lucky...I just love these two.

We also had a pirate-themed birthday party...Parker was pretty excited to wear his pirate costume until we realized that he had grown out of the shirt within the last month...oops!

Yep, that is my kid waving at the cameras.

Saturday night we had Matt, Mandy and their girls over for soup and pumpkin carving.  I think the highlight of Brady's weekend was getting to use our recently acquired Rotel and Ranch dressing (thanks mom) to make our favorite taco soup.  We can't buy Rotel here (I had to order it online for $5 a can...excluding shipping) so we haven't had it in a long, long time.   Brady ate it for three meals in a row...seriously.

So, I am a terrible parent and when the kids were ready to carve pumpkins at around 7:30 PM, all of the grown-ups looked at each other and suggested painting instead.  Mat was smart and told the kids they would last longer this way...thank goodness.  I love to carve pumpkins, but it seemed so late for such a big mess.  I should have taken pictures of all of the kids, but I completely forgot...shoot.

And we can't forget football...thank goodness we were able to record the game and get up first thing Sunday morning to watch it before church...what a great way to start a day!!  Great win Wildcats!


VL said...

That's the thing about pumpkins - they are SUCH a mess!

tessajoy said...

can you possibly post your taco soup recipe :) sound delish!

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