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I am 27 years old and am blessed to have my husband Brady, as my partner and best friend. We have two children, Parker and Piper, our little yorkie. We are constantly amazed by the joy they bring into our lives and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

marriage proposal

I'm not sure what Parker saw or heard today, but for some reason he had marriage on the brain.  He asked me to marry him at least twenty times throughout the course of the day.  Gosh, I love him.  Here was our conversation in the bathroom (where we have all of our best talks:) right before bed...

P: "mommy, will you marry me?"

Me: "oh, I wish I could, but I'm already married to Daddy."

P: "but will you marry me first?"

Me: "I can't because I'm already married to Daddy, but someday you'll meet a girl and fall in love and get married...someone close to your age like Ellie."  
(Ellie is Matt and Mandy's youngest)

P: "or Gracie...could I marry Gracie?" 
(Gracie is their almost 5-year-old...P likes the older ladies:)

Me: "maybe...you'll have to ask her...and her dad."

P: "can Gracie and I have a wedding?"

Me:  "sure..."

P:  "can I where my dancing hat to the wedding?"

Me:  "absolutely...everyone loves the dancing hat!"

Seriously...who doesn't love this dancing hat?


Rachel said...

So funny! Finley and I had the same talk today! He kept saying you have children and then get married, I was trying to convince him it was the other way around... and then when I asked him who he'd like to marry, he said Braden. Oh dear. :)

Karen said...

I love this! Brings me back to conversations I had with my kids. You can't start too early on the "Get married, then have kids" talk!

Jamie said...

Totally love the dancing hat.

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