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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pregnant in the UK

Ok, so I have to be honest...part of the reason we waited to have a baby here is because I was a little concerned about the healthcare system.  I hated taking Parker to the Dr...mainly because we never saw an actual doctor and most the time the nurse would spend less than five minutes with us before handing out a prescription.  BUT it's free...that has to count for something...right?

Needless to say, I knew that prenatal care here would be different than home.  I was pretty attached to my doctor at home and was looking forward to having someone around who knew me this time around, but I'm getting over it...just don't ask Brady:).

Here is a rundown of the prenatal care so far...

First of all, you have to know that they prescribe to the 'midwifery model of care.'  If you read online about midwives, you might find something like this...

"Under the midwifery model of care, pregnancy and childbirth are considered normal events, not medical ones. The focus is on preventative care during pregnancy.Prenatal appointments with midwives are generally longer. Midwives take a lot of time to answer questions and talk about nutrition.
The use of the midwifery model of care has been proven to reduce the likelihood of C-Section and other intervention, including the use or forceps and vacuum. The midwifery model follows a “wait and see” approach during labor and birth. This means that medical interventions are not used unless there is a medical necessity for them."

After reading this, I was more excited about the thought of a midwife.  It sounded like it would be a very personalized relationship between the midwife and myself.  What I didn't realize is that I would never see the same midwife twice...even if I did, I wouldn't see her often enough to form a relationship...here is a timeline of my appointments...

8 weeks   Full medical history taken...urine sample taken
11 weeks   Routine dating scan (did not see midwife, only technician)
16 weeks   VBAC vs C-Section appointment...I had to meet with someone to discuss my options and risks
20 weeks    Ultrasound (no midwife, only technician)
28 weeks    midwife appointment
34 weeks    midwife appointment
36 weeks    midwife appointment
38 weeks    midwife appointment
41 weeks    midwife appointment (seriously, we don't meet at 40 weeks)

For the most part, the only gap in the timeline that bothers me is between 16 and 28 weeks...I still haven't heard the baby's heartbeat and won't until 28 weeks...it is all I can think about somedays...

A few other interesting facts...I carry around a packet of medical information to every appointment (seen below)...every time I see a new midwife, they look through the packet and make notes inside...I'm honestly not sure if they keep track of anything anywhere else...also, I get letters in the mail telling me when my next appointments are...they have a barcode on them used to identify me (also pictured below)...when I had my ultrasound, I had to pay 4 pounds (around $6.50 for one picture)...I never get weighed...I am in charge of checking my own weight and making sure I'm on target (I might get weighed at 28 weeks, but I'm just not sure)... also, I found a worksheet in my packet showing how to measure the fundal height...I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to do that as well...

Ok, so I know that this might not seem strange to many of you, but it has been a big adjustment for myself.  It's all part of the adventure, right?


brandonandlindslitzner said...

oh, sam! that is a long time to go without hearing the heartbeat. at least you are only a little more than a week away (i think, right?) from your ultrasound and you can see that sweet babe. we will be thinking of you and praying for you during this transition. and remember, princess kate is delivering over there...so you are in good company ;).

Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain said...

Sam!!!! I just wanted to say congrats!! I am so happy for Brady, P, and you!!!

P.S. Bret is traveling a lot to Europe and I plan on tagging along on a few trips. Would love to see if I'm in London!!!

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