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Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Christmas Pictures

  And for my camera...sorry for all of the randomness...:)

P at Covent Garden the night before we left...our friends Kat and Tom were nice enough to let us stay with them and hang out in London!

I couldn't resist these next few pictures...they are just a glimpse into daily life with little man...he breaks into these crazy dance moves any time a song 'moves' him, ha...I know, I'm not that funny:)

P and I's date to the zoo while everyone was at work...so glad we were blessed with a nice day!

Grandmother Millie!


The cape GG and my mom made for P...he loves it!  Especially because it has powercats on the inside:)

Surprise!!  Uncle Landon's here early, yay!!!

The picture P (with my mom's help) made for my birthday...seriously, my favorite present:)

A Bevan tradition...P's first time trying peanut butter sandwiches dipped in homemade hot cocoa...:)

Making my birthday cake...apparently, I am hard to surprise and they felt like they needed to make a real cake to fool me into thinking we were still having a few people over to the house for my birthday:)

 Wine tasting in Parkville, MO...so fun!!

K-State basketball!!  Yay!

Papa Marvin and his boys:)

and Grammy too:)

Christmas light tour in KC...so fun!

Checking out the mess 'Santa' made on my parents fireplace...that crazy Santa:)

 Following the string to all of his presents...such a cute idea mom!

Playing doctor:)

Using his new cars in the sink...I'm pretty sure he had just gotten in trouble for making a mess...


P loves to build

One of my favorites:)

Grandma and P

Helping Papa Marvin feed the cows...probably one of P's favorite things to do:)

This is what happens when mommy decides to put vaseline on your face right before you carry hay...what a mess...

Grandma and Grandpa Alexander:)

My brother's girlfriend, Babette and P...P loves her.  We were so blessed to have her bring fish and moose back from Alaska so her and Landon (mostly Babette) could cook for us!

Oh...so that's where P gets his 'serious' face...

Uncle Jeff

Hanging out in AZ after the game in B's grandparent's community...so fun!

Papa Wes!


Karen said...

Love the synopsis! Looks like a great Christmas. Is the stethoscope so that he can check his pre-school friends' heartbeats the next time they get hurt? You might have unleashed Parker's inner doctor!!! Love it!

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