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I am 27 years old and am blessed to have my husband Brady, as my partner and best friend. We have two children, Parker and Piper, our little yorkie. We are constantly amazed by the joy they bring into our lives and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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Monday, June 24, 2013


Wow...where to start?!?!  We have had a busy couple of weeks...oh, and no, don't worry, the lil' wildcat is still snug in my belly:)!

Well, we closed on our house on June 19th, however, we pretty much had the best homeowner ever, and were able to get in four days early to rip out carpet and prep the walls for paint...yay!  The painters started on the 19th (yep, before we even closed...seriously, best homeowner ever)...even better?  He thinks he will be done by this Wednesday, hooray!

We also picked out wood floors.  I'm not going to lie...this somehow became the single most stressful decision I've made in a long time and I'm not really sure how...pregnant women should not be allowed to make permanent decisions:)

We have been buying all of those must haves for the house...tv, washer/dryer, vacuum...you kind of forget all of the little things that go with buying a house!

Parker had zoo camp last week...he loved it!  I was a little nervous about taking him because it was my first time to leave him here, but he did so great!

Zoo camp meant that I was able to do things like pick out outlet covers, and cabinet handles without getting P in and out of the car seven times.  It's amazing what you can get done in an hour and a half by yourself!

We have also been playing a ridiculous amount of baseball around here.  Seriously, I can't believe how this child can sit and watch a Royals game and then go out and recreate it:).  He likes to play all of the positions, so we often have to use KiKi so that P can be everything from catcher to outfielder.  I love that we can tell when he's going to play catcher because he turns his hat backwards.  

We have had appointments for the lil' wildcat and everything is on track...to be late:)  My doctor is a little concerned that I won't deliver naturally if I stay on this track, but I told him that I'm not worried because God is just waiting for us to get settled...nothing like answered prayers:)

Oh, and our stuff comes on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe that after almost 12 weeks of living out of suitcases, we will finally not only have all of our things, but a place to put them:)!


Jamie said...

Yea! Everything is coming along so well. Can't wait to visit and see the new house and meet lil' Wildcat.

Karen said...

Loved this update. I have missed them! Kiki and Parker playing baseball . . . love it!

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