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I am 27 years old and am blessed to have my husband Brady, as my partner and best friend. We have two children, Parker and Piper, our little yorkie. We are constantly amazed by the joy they bring into our lives and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reasons why Parker is the bomb...:)

Today we had to take P to the doctor--for the first time, in a foreign country. I am embarrassed and completely ashamed to tell you why, but I feel like I need to so that I can perhaps prevent another tragedy. I used a q-tip in Parker's ear. I know, I know, they tell you not to, however, I have an unreasonable fear of dirty ears and felt like I could make it work (this is not my first offense). So I used the q-tip and Parker started screaming, more like one scream and then alligator tears while holding his breath and holding open his mouth (you know it's bad when he doesn't make any noise for a while). I wasn't immediately worried until a couple of hours later when I noticed dried blood inside his ear. I burst his eardrum. I am a terrible mother. I then proceeded to google everything possible about the subject and of course found forums which cemented that fact that I am a terrible mother and also told me that I am probably going to cause him to be deaf in one ear or even perhaps lose his sense of balance. I felt terrible (seriously, tears, and brady was not quite sure what to do). I decided to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning. We saw a doctor right away and she said that his ear was just really raw for some reason and that it is not a bursted ear drum--hooray!!

I know that the title of this blog is "why Parker is the bomb" so let me tell you why...while he was not feeling well (he also had a fever through all of this), I got to see his true little personality. Here is why he rocks...
1. Even after I made him cry, I gave him his big truck and he still said, "thank you sooo much mommy" (this is actually what he says to anyone who does anything remotely nice for him)
2. While in the doctor's office, she checked his ear. He cried, dropped "ellie" the elephant and said "I'm sorry mommy"
3. As we were leaving with tears still in his eyes..."I excited to go to library" (truly after my own heart!)
4. While walking out of the mall (the dr was in the mall) he heard music in a store, stopped to dance and then proceeded to yell at anyone who would listen, "dance people!"
5. All of his little animals are "so cute" right now (the best part is that he uses a high, baby voice to say it)
6. He woke up in the morning and wanted to be "scuba steve." (I know this should have been reason 1)

7. He still gave me a fishy face for the camera even though he didn't feel very well.

8. He still manages to say, "I love you mommy" even when I am the cause of his pain. I just love this kid!!!

There are many, many more reasons, but these are the reasons today. Love you little man!


Jamie said...

I love that he's going around demanding other people dance. England is so lucky to have him. :)

Anonymous said...

Where did he get this "dance people?"


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