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Thursday, June 14, 2012

oh geez

I sometimes amaze myself...I'm an idiot...

I have been spending a lot of time reading through my good 'ol Rick Steves' books and searching the internet for our upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal (Barcelona and Lisbon).  I've been searching for hotels, researching sites, and trying to map out our trip.  I wanted to be really prepared and wanted to get P excited so I checked out books about Spain and Portugal at the library...I also decided to use this opportunity to try and teach Parker a little Spanish before we leave so I checked out a few children's language books as well...good idea, right?  Ha.

For the record, I did know they don't speak Spanish in Portugal, however, I did not know they the main language in Barcelona is Catalan...I'm an idiot...

Hopefully a lot of the vocabulary is interchangeable ...plus I'm getting a kick out of hearing P ask to read the 'hi children' book at night (the first page says, 'buenos dias ninos')!


Karen said...

I commend you for attempting it . . . and I think a little American boy trying to speak Spanish will win over every person in Spain AND Portugal!

DNorton said...

no worries about not knowing about catalan. It's kind of a touchy subject all over Spain. Sounds a bit like a mix between Spanish and French.

And if Parker just says 'por favor' ('please' in Spanish and Portuguese, though not Catalan), everyone around will melt.

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