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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

big rocks and hot water

This last weekend we drove a total of twelve hours to see some big rocks and hot water...it was totally worth it.   Lately, we've been trying to make any remaining trips on our 'Europe/England bucket list' if we can...this last weekend was Stonehenge and Bath.  Once again, we were absolutely freezing (which means outdoor pictures of P smiling are hard to come by), but if everyone here waited until it was warm to travel, no one would go anywhere...plus, the lines are shorter:).

Anyway...we drove to Avebury first, which also has a standing stone circle, then to Stonehenge, then to Bath.  Avebury is a bigger stone circle, but Stonehenge is much more impressive.  And Bath...what can I say...I wish we would have gone sooner...and more often...it is a beautiful town and the surrounding areas make for a scenic drive (albeit a nauseous one).  The Roman Baths were really interesting and we even made a point to have a tea in the Pump Room (ok, ok, so I had a smoothie and P had hot chocolate, but Brady had tea).

All in all, it was a great trip!

This is the face you get after you run and slip into a rock.

Don't make fun of how I'm dressed...big lady no longer has a warm coat that fits and because it's not supposed to be 30 degrees in March, I'm refusing to buy a new one...so yes, I'm wearing like 18 layers.

...and this is what happens when you've been walking around a museum for an hour and
your three year old needs food AND a nap...

This is right before Parker fell into me and we almost fell in the water...that would have been embarrassing...

Parker's fourth cup of 'bath water'...it was disgusting, but Parker loved it...

My serious boys checking out the local rugby pitch.

I almost dragged the boys inside but I was as tired as they were...lucky boys:)

and finally...Parker's picture...he is getting much better at using our camera!


Ali Moore said...

I love Parker's picture of you too! Sam, you look adorable. :)

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