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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lisbon and Cascais pictures

Lisbon is great.  It is one of the oldest cities in the world...and it is evident.  It is not as touristy as 
Barcelona and as you walk through the old city, you feel like you are getting a real feel for the people and the town...while we loved it there, it is not some place that we really feel like we need to see again.    We were only in Lisbon for two nights and we really felt like it was plenty of time to see everything we wanted...including a trolley trip to Belem for half of a day.  I do wish we would have had time to go to Sintra, but there is only so much you can fit into a couple of days!  

This is the first restaurant we ate in after arriving and they were even playing Michael Jackson!  I was in heaven:)!
 These two pictures are of the Portugal Wine Institute.  Parker happened to fall asleep right as we were getting there and they happened to be having a free wine tasting at the time...we were pretty excited.  What can I say?  Parker has great timing!

So many of the buildings had amazing tile work.  The picture definitely does not do it justice.

Ah-mazing view!

The best part about traveling with a 2 year old?  Sometimes you just have to stop and play in the fountains:)!

The following two pictures are from a street where all of the senior residents had their pictures beside their doors to honor them.  There was a sign in Portuguese which explained this...I was pretty proud of myself for getting the gist of it...until I saw the English translation written underneath...I'm an idiot.

Pictures from castle of Sao Jorge.

Again, the tiling...:)

The following pictures are from Belem.  

The Monument of Discovery.

The tower of Belem...

The following picture is when we had to get off of the train on the way to Cascais so that P could potty in a bottle...not kidding.

Cascais is one of the most affluent areas of Portugal.  It is an old fishing town with a lot of history.  It is beautiful and I think I would have enjoyed exploring a bit more...but a promise is a promise...beach only!
We were pretty proud of this.  It even had a tunnel for his cars.

Finally!!  I swear...no more vacation pictures...until Munich in two weeks:)


Karen said...

Great pictures. Lisbon looks like an awesome place. Is Brady going to buy lederhosen like Kenneth's so that when you get back to the States, he can wear them to the Octoberfest tailgates? I think it is a good idea!

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