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Thursday, August 30, 2012


My Grandmother Millie turned 105 on Saturday...pretty amazing in itself until you get to know the woman behind the number...she is inspiring.   She is the reason I love politics and K-State and the reason I attended the same church for almost thirty years.  She is a mother of four, grandmother of twelve, great-grandmother of fourteen, and great-great grandmother of two and a half (my cousin is pregnant)...I think I counted right...:)

I have grown up listening to Grandmother's stories.  I love hearing about getting the first car in town, or deciding to go to college to get her teaching degree, or making my Grandaddy wait four years to get married so that she could actually use her degree (back then you couldn't teach if you were a married woman).  She would also tell me about living in DC while Grandaddy was in the service and working for the Democratic party.  She is a staunch democrat and we have had our share of 'lively' discussions (my entire family has some pretty strong opinions and we all get a little 'lively' after a glass or two of wine:).  

Grandmother also loves sports...it was not unusual to walk into her house and see three different devices (tv, radio, etc) playing three different sports.  She never misses a Royals, K-State or WSU game, and loves golf and tennis...my mom and dad still take tv listings (channel, time) to the nursing home.  Her love of sports spilled into a value of fitness.  She played tennis in college and later built a tennis court on their property next to their house.  Once she couldn't play anymore, she started walking laps on the court.  I can still remember her walking around her tennis court singing hymns from her notecard (she knew she was done when she finished all of them) well into her 90's.  Singing on the court was just practice for church...she sang in the choir until she was  in her 90's too.

Grandmother has inspired me...to speak my mind, stand by my beliefs, cheer for my team and do my best.  More than anything, she has taught me the importance of family.  Happy birthday Grandmother!


Karen said...

She must be an awesome woman! Lucky her, lucky you, lucky Parker!!!

Desi Viner said...

How wonderful to still have her in your life!! Ross's grandmother just passed away a couple of years ago... she was 104, and reminds me so much of how you describe your sweet, sweet grandmother.

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