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Monday, November 5, 2012

first day of school

Our conversation on the way to school today pretty much sums up how the drop off went...
Parker, "mommy, are you going to cry?"
Me, "no, but I am going to miss you while you're at school."
Parker, "ok, but don't cry."

In other words, P did great and could not wait to go play with all of the kids and toys.  Actually, mommy did surprisingly well too...no tears...I think the 'practice day' is more for the parents than the kids, and definitely helped prepare me for today.

When I picked up Parker, he seemed a little sad.  Apparently, Parker was repeatedly told to sit in his seat during mealtime and then started crying when the teacher had to put him back.  I'm not going to lie...I was not that surprised...we have been having meal-time battles for the last month or so...hopefully, between us and his teacher, he will start listening...hopefully...

Once we were back in the car, he told me that he had fun, but then he told me this, "Mrs. Rose asked me if I was happy or grumpy and I said grumpy."  Oh geez...later as we were having hot chocolate and a biscuit at Costa he told me all about not sitting at lunch and crying.  I was so glad to hear it from him.  Plus, he promised to sit next time...we shall see...

Don't judge, I was going to work out right after...


VL - victoriaINkansas said...

Love it! Tell us some more details too about the school some time - how many days a week do they go? One teacher all the time? And how long of a day is it? AND IS HE CARRYING A LITTLE KID BRIEFCASE!?! I just died.

Jody said...

I love his outfit, adorable! It's so Harry Potterish, love it! I'd love to have more details too. Did you enjoy your time while he was at school?

Karen said...

Very sweet. Hard to let the little one go, but he is ready and so cute! Won't be long before he has his teacher wrapped around his little finger :)

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