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Sunday, August 7, 2011


One of the absolute best parts of living here is our ability to travel.  Norwich is considered kind of out of the way to everyone who lives here, but for us...it's perfect.  I love history and architecture so London is a haven and because it is only a two hour train ride, it is a perfect weekend trip.  Actually, the train ride is fairly comfortable and is relatively reasonably priced.  This was the first time we were really able to act like tourists in London and we had a blast just walking around and taking in all the sites.   We know that we will be back at least a few times a year, so we were really able to just relax without feeling rushed. 

Here is a look at our trip in pictures!  Next time we will spend more time in some of the sites we really want to take tours of, but this was a perfect first trip!  I apologize ahead of time for some goofy pictures; I am slightly obsessed with the instagram app on my iphone. 

Parker was so excited to ride like a big boy in the taxi!!
This is a picture in Whitehall Gardens right with what used to be Whitehall Palace in the background.   It was where the the royal family lived for centuries until the fire.

Big Ben

It was raining (of course) and P fell asleep in his stroller, but we had to make sure we had proof he was there:)!

Westminster Abbey

Us beside the Thames River with Parliament and Big Ben in the background

I wish you could have seen me trying to climb up here to get a picture...this is in Trafalgar Square at the base of Nelson's Column

Parker petting the lion saying, "good lion"

Olympic Countdown in Trafalgar Square!!!!

Shaftesbury memorial fountain in Piccadilly Circus.   It reminds me of London's version of Times Square.

The Tower Bridge.  They say if you wave to someone on the bridge as you are going under, you will have good luck for 5 years.  We did so bring it on!!

Another instagram picture of London Bridge..

Parker on the boat ride.  This is how he prefers to wear his sunglasses these days. ..

London Tower

A view of the London Eye.  I think I need to remember to pack dramamine if we go on this one...

This is the "ultimate sharing sundae" I ordered to surprise Brady with at the hotel.  He was asleep when I got back to the room.  I am too embarrassed to post the "after" picture considering I didn't have anyone to share it with...:)

Another picture of Westminster Abbey with the Instagram touch:)

I seriously love anything vintage and love making pictures look like I was born 50 years ago.  I am such a nerd!

I think it is safe to say that P is officially tired of the camera...

Shakespeare's Globe theatre. This is pretty exact reconstruction of the 1614 theatre.  Pretty awesome.

This is The Anchor, one of the oldest pubs in London.  Shakespeare's original theatre didn't have dressing rooms so it is said they came here to change "and have a pint" between acts:)

Sunglasses seem to be P's signature accessory these days so I couldn't help but capture him showing me his "surprised" face while wearing his sunglasses two inches from his face! (oh, and yes, I am one of those crazy moms who is teaching my child random emotions so that I can laugh at his expressions)


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Jeff and Cricket said...

So much fun! I am glad you are taking advantage of your proximity and really seeing the sites!

Jamie said...

I love London! I can't wait to come visit!!

Lauren Grier said...

London is off the charts! Great pics! Instagram is where it's at:)

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