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Friday, August 26, 2011

Things that made me laugh this week...

We ran a lot of errands this week.  Usually, I try to do one activity morning that P wants to do (park, library, etc.).  However, this week, we were preparing for Brady's mom's arrival and our departure  for the states so we had a lot to do--Parker was dragged to the mall more than once!  Here are some of the reasons I was able to keep my sanity:)! 

1.  I almost never go clothing shopping, but I stopped in Zara for just a minute to look.  This video is the reason why we should either go shopping much more often or why we should not go at all...:)  The best part is that he was watching himself in the mirror and practicing a few of his new "street performer" moves...

2.  We found a new park (it was behind the mall, go figure).  On the way, P kept jumping in puddles and then was mad that his shoes and hands were wet... When we finally made it to the new park, I was trying to help Parker off of the train and I hit my head, I closed my eyes for a second...then parker fell.  Seriously, I am that much of a klutz.  Luckily, after I kissed it, P said "there, that's better" and was fine.

P was much more interested in the "backhoe woader" (translation: backhoe loader, we are VERY interested in trucks right now) than the play equipment for a while.

2.  When Parker woke up on Wednesday morning this is how our conversation went...
me: "Did you sleep well?"
P: "Yes, I did"
me: "Did you have good dreams?"
P: "Yes, I did"
me: "Oh really, what did you dream about?"
P: "I dreamed for four minutes"
me: "oh, ok"
Seriously, where does this stuff come from?

4. We found a keyboard with a microphone while we were looking for airplane toys...I wish you could see the video.  He seriously moves his head around like Stevie Wonder when he plays.  Silly Parker.

5.  Finally, Parker wanted to be "Scuba Steve" with the goggles on.  What is it about a baby in goggles that just makes you want to smile?  I'm just glad he finally put them over his eyes and not just on his forehead!

There were lots of other reasons to smile this week, but hopefully these make you smile too!


Karen said...

I tried to view the video, but it was marked private. Is there a trick I don't know about?

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