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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

best friend ban

Warning: I am about to get on a high horse...I'll let you know when I dismount.

Recently, a local paper ran a story about some elementary schools adopting 'best friend bans' in order to keep them from feeling the pain of splitting up with the friend.  You can read the story here.  Is it just me, or are we fostering a whole generation of kids who don't feel pain, experience failure or even truly understand what their own unique gifts are?  Now that I am a parent, I understand wanting to shield my child from pain, disappointment or discomfort, however, I also know that I can't shield him forever.  My job is to help give him the tools he needs to succeed, and hope that he is resourceful enough to use them. Eventually, he is going to be living on his own (that's the plan anyway), working (hopefully), and getting married (after he is at least 27).   I know that along the way he is going to skin a knee, get his heartbroken and be disappointed with a grade, and I am going to be here to give him a hug every time.   As much as I will hate to see him in pain, I will know that at least he will survive the next time he is disappointed and never give up so he will know the joy that can come from true success.

Believe me, I understand the pain even best friends can cause (what can I say, girls are catty), but without those friends (yes, they are still friends), I would have missed out on so many joyous moments and wonderful memories.

Ok...I'm off.


Jamie said...

Next they'll be banning bf/gf breakups!

You're a fantastic mom!

Lindsey said...

Wow that's craziness!!

I'm completely agree with you. You are such a great mom!

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