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Monday, March 5, 2012

The weekend according to my phone...

My friend Lindsey did this last week and I am totally stealing it from her.  Some weekends I end up with a lot of random pictures and no idea what to do with them (I know, I know, that probably means they are not post-worthy, ha).  Don't worry, I realize this is more for the grandparents than anyone else!

Anyway, here are a few highlights!

Parker's first experience in a ballpit...I had to overcome every germ fear I have to let him go in after lunch with my friend Mandy and her girls, Gracie and Ellie.  It was also Parker's first ride down a twisty, tunnel slide.  It was a lot longer than I thought and we had tears by the time he made it down.  

Saturday morning we went to Cinema City for Kids Club.  I can't believe we haven't done this sooner.  The theatre is inside of an old church and very retro.  I love it.  Every Saturday, they have older kids movies and entrance is only a pound if you're a member (membership was only 4 pounds).  They even have a coloring activity before the movie starts and let the kids yell at the projector to start the movie.  So fun.  We saw Ratatouille....and, even though he spent most of the movie worried about the Remi finding his family again, P loved it.  I think I'd like it more if this new animation wasn't so life-like...rats...ugh.

Sunday brought a quick trip to the park before getting ready for church.  Thank goodness...we didn't realize this would be our last tolerable hour of weather for a while.

Walking home from church...pretty sure he could not see where he was going, but sometimes you have to pick your battles.   

LOVE weekends like this!!


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