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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Falmouth!

We made it!!  7.5 hours, 2 stops and ZERO accidents later, we arrived in Falmouth, Cornwall.  Falmouth is a gorgeous, popular holiday town, however, it is not so popular in November.  Brady had to come for work and we decided to tag along.  They have a great maritime museum, castle and a beautiful coast.   I figured we might as well ride along with Brady and see if it is somewhere we might want to visit again when the weather is nicer (and see if P could handle the car ride).

Here is an arial view of Falmouth.

Falmouth is located where the red star is...you can't
even see Norwich in this map.

Now that you know where it is...here are a few quick facts...
1.  Located on the River Fal on the southeast coast of Cornwall, England.
2. Home of the third deepest harbor in the world.
3. Florence Nightingale stayed at our hotel (Greenbank Hotel).
4. Famous for being the start or finish point for various round-the-world races.
5. Pendennis Castle was built by Henry VIII in 1540 to defend Carrick Roads.

We had a great time, but unfortunately, it rained the entire time we were there...here is our trip in pictures.

Eating at Rick Stein's...such a big boy!

I can not wait to get a new camera...

It was sooooo windy and super cold.  P was so excited to go see the water,
but then wanted to go right back to the car.

Yet another reason why I need a haircut.

Looking at all of the model boats at the Maritime Museum.

Trying to play scrabble in the "lighthouse."

Inside the life raft.

Loving the Coast Guard exhibit because he could play.

Parker and his sad face after walking a half mile in the
rain only to find out it is only open on Saturdays
and Sundays.  Good thing for the walk though...P had to
"go" on the way back to the car.

Another view..

You can see the doors at the end.  Much of the castle is covered with ground.

So...we went back to the museum.  P playing with the boats.

A view from the lookout point.

We had a wonderful time, but I do hope that we can go back again when the weather is nice (for England anyway).


Jamie said...

What a fun trip! England is so beautiful even with all the rain!

Lindsey E, said...

Looks like a really neat place! I have a good friend that lives in Plymouth which looks like it might have been along your road trip. Now I have two reasons to visit. ;)

Krysta said...

Sam, you're looking so much like your mom! You're both beautiful!

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