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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thursday (and Friday) in Norwich

 Mommy's tired....really tired (let's face it, she would have to be to let me write this post).  I didn't sleep very well Wednesday or Thursday night which means that we both are really, really tired.  Oh and crazy, mommy is very very crazy (don't tell her I know).   I figured that I would give you a run down of our days to finish off the work week.

We had to take Daddy to the train station on Thursday morning so he could go to London.  He was wearing new clothes and was pretty excited about his new English outfit, but you didn't hear that from me (better coming from me than mommy...right?)  He had a black tie dinner and had to wear a tux...he took this picture so we could see how handsome he looked!

Again, Mommy can't get into trouble for posting this
because it was technically me...right?

Because Daddy was gone, Mommy got to drive the car...this is never good for anyone.  I guess we had to get to breakfast fast so we had to drive and park in the mall car park during rush hour.  Also, not good for anyone.  Daddy says Mommy doesn't use her blinker correctly in the round-a-bouts (I think he's right).  Sometimes I hear people honk, but Mommy pretends not to notice.  We finally made it to the mall and parked and then met Mandy and Ellie for breakfast at Carluccios.
Carluccio's...this is a bad picture, but Mommy forgot to take one in the morning and
we were getting pushed out the door while we tried to take this.

Here is a picture of our car...Gram Gram was curious.

I was pretty good (for a while), if I must say so myself, but let's face it, I'm two and my attention span is about as long as I am old.  Mommy kept saying things like, "Parker sit still, you have to be a good example for Ellie."  Who is she kidding?  Ellie would have tried to get out of her seat too if she wasn't strapped in!

After breakfast, I let Mommy go to John Lewis to get some curtains for my room...they have busses and cars on them so it was ok.  We took them home (survived a car ride) and then ate lunch, played and I took a nap.  I have no idea what Mommy does while I'm asleep, but she is always so excited when I wake up!
According to Mommy, everything in this store is a "breakable."

After my nap, we got dressed, ate dinner and then went out to see Christmas lights.  Apparently, the flyer Mommy had was wrong because they only turned them on at the mall.  Oh, and it was crazy!  I guess the mall stayed open until 9 for the occasion (not 5) and people were really excited!  It was a bit too busy for us, but we did get to see a fun band on the way home!
"I just want to see Christmas."
Oh, and mommy has a lot of gray hairs...don't tell her I said so.

There was a LOT of people.

Mommy let me have hot chocolate...mmmmm.

I hate wearing my backpack, but Mommy said I had
to ride in the stroller if I didn't wear it soo...

This was the band, they were good.

We do the same thing every Friday.  Eat breakfast, run to the gym and go swimming.  Today we had the car (thank goodness because it was raining).  I had another accident in the creche.  What can I say, I just wanted to see how fast they could clean me up!  We went swimming again and then picked up Daddy.  Daddy was really tired from traveling and after lunch, he took a nap with me (I'm pretty sure Mommy took a nap too).   When we woke up, we just played, ate dinner, took a bath and read before bed.  My favorite book to read right now is "Everyone Poops."  I just like to say the name because it makes Mommy laugh.  Anyway, that's all!!  Goodnight!


Karen said...

Parker, your mommy has a wonderful imagination. She is a good mommy. . . I can just tell. And keep wearing that backpack . . . it's much cuter than the wrist leash we had to use!

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