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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday in Norwich

Yes, I'm going to do an entire week of tours through Norwich...sorry in advance for the snooze-fest, but I figured this might help satisfy some curiosities about life here.  

Tuesday started at 6 AM and a realization that we were out of milk.  Usually, if it is before 9 here, you are out of luck.  However, a couple of months ago, this little place opened on the corner...it opens at 7AM...thank goodness  P was willing to wait until then for his milk.  Oh how I miss 24 hour Walgreens and Dillons!

The sign under our street sign says that the street was named Quayside because of the many dunkings that took place there...mainly women.

After breakfast, cleaning up and one episode of Mickey Mouse...Parker and I had playtime and worked on letters.  Today was C for Cow, but he wasn't really interested.  After a serious game of football, we got ready to go to Gymboree.  We left the house at 11:00 AM.  I didn't take any pictures on our walk there because it is in the same building as the gym from yesterday.

Gymboree lasts until 12:30 (luckily P didn't "tackle" any of the kids today, but he did spend most of the time watching himself run in the mirror).  We got home around 1 PM and had lunch (pasta, P's favorite) and then I put him down for a nap.  Thank goodness he went right to sleep.  From 2 to 4, Mommy talked to Wendy (thanks for calling:), did laundry, and Plyometrics and took a quick shower (seriously, like 2 minutes).  After P woke up, we had to hurry to get out of the house to pick up Daddy's tux before everything closed at 5.  Because I didn't have time for an argument, here is what I let P wear out of the house.

Oh yes, those are socks on his hands and orange socks pulled clear up to his knees.  Oh my Parker.

We left the house at 4:35...here is an idea of how quickly our days are fading!

One of the entrances to the Cathedral.

Our favorite toy store...too bad we pass it every time we go into town.  I have to say no...a lot!

Getting into the heart of the center.

The original "indoor "mall.  It is really beautiful inside.

Moss Brothers to pick up Daddy's tux at 4:53...we made it!!  Only to find out they actually stay open until 6, ha.

Quick stop in the grocery store for fish.  This is actually part of a department store, but they have the best meat selection.

On our way home at 5:35.  Just to give you an idea of how quickly everything closes down here. 

Finally home by 6, and Brady was home early again today by 6:30.  Dinner at 6:45 (shrimp stir fry) and P is in bed by 8:00.  Such a good day!!


VL said...

Nope, these aren't mundane. Loving them!

Karen said...

I agree. Love seeing what real life is like across the pond. Especially loved the very European outfit Parker is wearing . . . LOL.

Lauren Grier said...

Sam- I love these posts! Keep em coming!!!

Kristen said...

I bet Parker is going to be a famous fashion guru/designer one day. He is SO cute!

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