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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday in Norwich

So I have had people ask me for more pictures of Norwich and my house (ok, ok, so it was just my mom:).  Well, I'm not quite ready to show many pictures of the house because it is still not where I would like it to be (I should really adjust my attitude because if I wait, I may never post pictures:).  However, I did decide to give you a week in pictures of our life.  I know this might be boring, but at least everyone (my mom) can see our daily routines and where we live...oh, and I will have something to show Parker when he can't remember living here!  

So...here is Monday!
6:00 AM Parker wakes up, snuggle in his bed for around 30 minutes before going downstairs.
6:30  I start breakfast, Parker watches Mickey
6:45 Parker and I eat breakfast (oatmeal and fruit), mommy posts pictures on the blog
7:25 Daddy leaves for work...hugs all around.
7:30 Mommy washes dishes, cleans up, folds laundry while Parker plays with Kiki (because of this mommy tries to kick the soccer ball around with Parker while washing dishes)
8:15  Mommy and Parker go upstairs to get ready.  Parker helps mommy make beds, etc.  We brush teeth, battle on the benefits of pants and finally are dressed!
9:30 Mommy and Parker leave the house to run to the gym...here is a tour of our run.

What we see when we immediately come out of our door.

Our street.  The river is on the other side of the wall.

I have not figured out whether this church still serves a purpose or not. 

Adam and Eve Pub

Going to the river walk.  The fence is up because they are finishing the walk between here and our house.  I can't wait!

Cow Tower

Heading over the bridge...apparently one of the oldest in Norwich.

Past the train station.

And the riverside district

Under the bridge (although sometimes P wants to go over...so we do...hey, it adds .30 miles to our run!)

Riverside Leisure Center!!  Arrive around 9:48...1.65 miles from home (yes, I am a really slow jogging stroller runner...)

9:50  Take P to the potty then to the creche (nursery)
10:00 Mommy warms up for spin class (gets her bottom kicked...seriously)
11:00 Pick up P...Parker had an accident today and was super sad when I got there...the worker told me she thought he was embarrassed to ask because they were helping a little boy who hurt his chin.  He was really embarrassed after that.
11:05 Mommy and Parker change to go swimming.
11:15 Get in the pool!!  P is afraid of water suddenly so he would let me let him go.
11:50 Get out and change.
12:15  Walk to NEXT to get Parker some new trousers (it was next door) and then go to Costa to get P a sandwich and Mommy a coffee (I forgot to take pictures).
12:45  Arrive at the grocery store
The grocery store

1:30  Leave the grocery store...

All of our stuff...Oh and notice the bag of groceries I stuffed in the bottom of the stroller...I didn't realize until later that my bread was in that bag....shoot.

HOME!!!  Oh, and a chance of sun...woo hoo!! (too bad it is only light for 2.5 more hours)

 2:00 Arrive at home...P is asleep. Mommy tries to take him upstairs without waking up...doesn't work...Mommy puts him in a diaper (he didn't go potty before he laid down and was almost asleep) and goes downstairs to unload groceries.

2:05  Parker yells..."mommy!  I have to go potty!!!"  Taken care of, now in big boy underwear and back in bed.
2:15  Mommy scrubs kitchen tiles for 20 minutes
2:35  Checks on Parker...still awake (this never happens)...read some books and puts P back down.
3:20  Mommy starts some laundry
3:45  Checks on P...still awake...obviously a nap is not going to happen today so we go upstairs and play (soccer, farm, football)
4:45  Mommy vacuums
5:15  Mommy starts dinner because Daddy will be home early while P watches Mickey Mouse and plays soccer in the kitchen.
6:00  Daddy is home!!!  He and P play upstairs while mommy finishes dinner
6:30  Dinner is ready!!  Cheesy Leek and Mustard Soup...delicious!  Find the recipe here.
7:15  Daddy helps Mommy clean up (P helps too)
7:45  Call Papa Wes to tell him Happy Birthday!
8:00  P takes a bath (we're running a little behind)
8:15  Mommy reads Fox in Socks (Daddy then had to read it) and Everyone Poops.
8:45  Say our prayers then lights out.
8:46  P has to go potty (this is the new way to procrastinate bed time...)
9:00  Mommy and Daddy do P90X
10:30 Bedtime!!!


brandonandlindslitzner said...

holy moly girlfriend! you live in such a beautiful area! plus...a run,spin class,walk home AND p90x??? you are wonderwoman!! love you!

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