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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday in Norwich

Are you bored yet?  I am, maybe I'm just tired.  Anyway, Wednesdays we go to Toddler time at church.  It starts at 10:30 and that is usually our first stop of the day after some play time here at home.  However, because I promised P we would go to the park today and because he wok up saying, "MOMMMMMYYYYYYYY, I awake!  Can we go to park?"  I decided to take him before church just in case it was too dark after his nap.  He was so, so excited.  We left the house around 9 to get to the park.  He is our walk in photos (notice his pants are down; apparently he was so excited he forgot to care)...
This is on the other side of the river compared to the other pictures.

"Ok, mom...I won't throw the football."

"Nope, I'm not."  When I asked him if he was cold...yeah, right.  

Getting ready to walk through part of the Norwich University of the Arts campus.

Back of the University building.

Getting ready to go over the bridge (I know, I am a terrible photographer).

The park!!!

This is P's favorite part of this park...the big truck!!  

"Quick, surprise face!"

Walking back through town to get to the church.

The bridge above leads to the castle.

View from the Castle Mall.

Ha, the back of the church...we have to go in this way for Toddler Time.  
Toddler Time ends at 12:00 and we were both exhausted.  I felt like I spent 1.5 hours going, "Parker, no" or "Parker, give that back" or "Parker share."  Usually he is really good about sharing, but for some reason today, he did not want to...at all.  By the time we got home, we had a little time to skype with Gram Gram and G-Dawg (his bad mood continued though and told Gram Gram that he wanted to watch Mickey instead...oh gosh).  Luckily it was then time for a nap.  Mommy cleaned and worked on the blog while he napped.  Daddy called while he was sleeping and wanted us to go buy him some new pants, so we headed back into town right after nap time.
We stopped here to get Brady's pants...he loves this store!

Then went to the market to get fruit...I seriously love this market.
Too bad I was using my iPhone camera,  the pictures aren't great.

The Market from another angle.  When you are coming down
upon the market you can see all of the brightly colored tents.  

Then off to the library.  You have to walk through at least one old church cemetery
to get almost everywhere in town.   

There are over 52  old church buildings
in Norwich, but not all of them are used for services anymore.

The Forum where the library is located.

I would have taken pictures inside, but well, I just forgot.  Sorry!

After a crazy, busy, great day.  We went home to make dinner.  P was so tired that he laid down on a blanket in the kitchen the entire time I cooked (broccoli, potato, cauliflower soup with feta on top, mmm).    After bath time, story time and prayers, we put Parker down a little early (I have a feeling he is coming down with something).  I then went to the gym while Brady did P90X at home.  I don't think he even realizes how nice it is to just be able to go to the gym by myself every once in a while!  I'm so blessed!


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