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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in England

I was a little afraid of Thanksgiving this year.  Maybe it was because we wouldn't spend it with our families or maybe it was because this would be the first year that I wouldn't join the crazies at 5AM (ok so it was midnight last year) with my mom on Black Friday.  Whatever the reason, I was dreading its arrival.  However, once it was finally upon us, I wasn't as upset as I thought.  I honestly think it would have been harder if we lived in a place like New York.  Because we live here and nobody else celebrates, it just felt like another day.  Brady had to go to work, Parker and I went to our usual Thursday activities and the only reminder was talking to our families on Skype (thank you guys).

We did celebrate...on Saturday.  My friend Mandy and I cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal and it was delicious!  We spent the whole day watching the kids play, talking and playing cards.  It was as close to home as I could have hoped.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for their friendship.  They have truly made this transition easier.

I was going to post pictures of our feast, but I forgot to take any.  Below are a few I took of just family.  I just wanted to let our families know that we missed them so much, but that we were also with good friends so not to worry.

Parker and Gracie having a tea party.


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