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Friday, February 24, 2012


We were in Lincoln again this week.  Don't get me wrong...it is a charming town.

But we have been traveling so much recently, that P is just tired.  You know it's time to stay home for a while when your child says..."can we go back to the hotel and check in?"  Unfortunately, we couldn't and we had some time to kill before we could go back and relax so we braved the windchill and walked up to the Lincoln Cathedral.  It really is spectacular.  I think I am kind of hoping that Parker will look at me one day and say, "oooh, look at this amazing display of Gothic architecture,"  or "gee Mom, thank you for dragging me to all of these amazing historical sites!"  Ha, a mom can dream...right?  

The Cathedral really is awe-inspiring.  It was first commissioned by William the Conqueror and built in 1092, then after it was partially destroyed by a fire and then a weird earthquake, it was completed in all its glory around 1400.  The towers used to have spires (until wind blew down the central spire), and until 1549, it was the tallest building in the world.  

The picture below gives a better view...

We didn't last too long...Parker is not impressed by architecture quite yet, but I'm working on him:).  


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