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I am 27 years old and am blessed to have my husband Brady, as my partner and best friend. We have two children, Parker and Piper, our little yorkie. We are constantly amazed by the joy they bring into our lives and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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Monday, February 20, 2012


Just a few things that me smile in the last week or so.  I love this age, he is constantly making me giggle!

"mommy, I think you forgot something."
"oh really? What did I forget?"
"I think you forgot your bra."
"my bra?"
"yeah, your bra." (I promise I was wearing one)
Dear God, please don't let me leave irreparable damages.

"Who built our house, mommy?"
"I'm not sure who built our house."
"Did Papa Marvin build our house?"
"haha, I don't think so."

"I just feel a little sick."  (followed by a cough)... unfortunately, he says this a lot whenever I want him to do something he doesn't want to do...I can't help but think that he learned this somewhere...shoot.

We were just finishing our prayers...
"Mommy, can you pray for the zoo?"
"Dear God, please be with all of the animals at the zoo and keep them safe and healthy..."
"and happy Mommy!  Can you pray for the baby chimp?"
"and the mommy monkey?"
"and the daddy monkey?"
"and the giraffes and the elephants and the tigers and the zebras?"
My favorite was when he asked to pray for the jag-you-are...or what we would call the jaguar.  This would probably make more sense if I knew how to spell phonetically, but lets just say it is the first time that he has used the British pronunciation of a word and I have no idea where he got it from!

He has three race cars in his 'little baggie.'  He calls them, 'serious race car' 'happy race car' and 'silly race car' (he thinks these are the expressions that are on their faces).  Whenever he picks up the 'serious' one, he has to say, "serious face" and show me his most serious expression...love it.

The other day when we picked up Brady from the train station, he had flowers (I know...love him).  Before I could say anything, Parker saw the flowers and said,
"Ooooh, Daddy has flowers for you Mommy!  Now you can go dance!"
I am just hoping this means he'll be a hopeless romantic because I have no idea where this stuff comes from!

Parker was trying to do a somersault (sp?) the other morning.  He was going a little sideways and said...
"oh shoot, a rolling pin!"  At least it ended in his favorite dance move...and yes, he said shoot...shoot.
When Brady didn't hear him ask him to watch, Parker says...
"DADDDDYYYY!  Look at your son!"

Yesterday, he was lining up all of his farm animals under the chair.  When I asked him where they were going he said..."they are going to the Colosseum."  At least he remembered something from our trip!


VL said...

Look at your son CRACKED me right up.

Karen said...

I love Parkerisms. Wouldn't want to meet that serious face in a dark alley! Thanks for sharing your little guy with us . . . he makes me laugh!

Lindsey said...

I just can't get enough of the Parkerisms. So cute! Victoria, Erica and I always talk about how cute he is when ever we are together. :)

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