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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh the perils of potty training...

Disclaimer...I have now become one of those people who has blogged about my child's bowel movements...leave now if you must...:)

Yes, I have finally written it down which means we must be serious...we are potty training.  I know, I say we like I am also learning to use the potty (don't worry, I think I have that down).  In all seriousness, potty-training makes me feel like an idiot...a big idiot.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and it doesn't help that we started potty training almost six months ago, but then slightly disrupted his life by moving across the world.  Let me give you a timeline of where we've been...

April: P wants to use the potty.  I let him experiment and try a few times and then just left the potty chair out so he could get used to seeing it there.  Never was completely interested (not too mention that everyone told me that he was just too young).
May 10th...ish...: P really wants to start using the potty at least a couple of times a day (so excited!!)
May 14th: We move into my parents basement...Parker completely loses interest in using the potty...
June 23rd...ish...: P again gets very interested and starts using it a few times per day...
June 28th: We land in England and move into a hotel...again P completely loses interest in using the potty...
July 6th:  P tells me "Elmo wistens to his body," and I ask P if he is listening to his body and has to go to the bathroom.  He says yes and goes #2 for the first time in a Starbucks (we had been reading the Elmo potty book and in it Elmo's mom tells him to listen to his body).  
July 10th: We move into our house and P loses interest...again...

Within the last month, Parker has wanted to use the potty a few times here and there, but then other times has been completely adamant about not going.  I had recently decided that I wasn't even going to mention it until after his birthday, however, yesterday, he told me, "I haf to go to bafroom," in church so I took him.  I figured it was a sign that we should go full force.  I just don't know if I should force him to go every 20 minutes even if he says no?  Seriously, I just feel lost and am worried that I am going to have a 6 year old in diapers!!!  


Karen said...

A friend of mine gave me great advice when I was going through this. She said, "Have you ever met an adult who wasn't potty trained? Give your child time. It will happen." It put it all in perspective for me, and although I was still frustrated at times, her words took some of the stress away. Maybe it will help you, too!

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