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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer (or should I say football)

We went to our first soccer game on Sunday, yay!!  Don't worry, I talked to Brady's coworker and he assured me that we can still call it soccer (thank goodness, we don't want any confusion in the Alexander house:).   Before Sunday, I used to like to pretend that I knew a thing or two about soccer because I played in high school (seriously, even typing this makes me laugh...we all know I only played to hang out with my friends and eat chili-cheese coneys without feeling guilty).  Brady and I were really excited to go to the game.  We've been lucky to take Parker to live football and basketball games since he was born and we decided we need to take advantage of any live sport we have available.  Lucky us, it is premier league soccer, and let me tell you, their fans get really into the game.  They have lots of coordinated cheers which I know isn't that impressive in itself, but when you consider how fast the game moves, it is.

Anyway, the game was fun (even though we lost), and Parker absolutely loved it!  I'm pretty sure we'll go back! Here are a few pictures (I didn't see anyone else with a camera so I was too embarrassed to take more than a couple).
Go Canaries!!

Parker even picked out his clothes to go to the game.


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