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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day!

We decided a couple of years ago that we would always spend Christmas Eve with Brady's family and drive first thing Christmas morning to spend Christmas Day with my family.  I love Christmas Day...the food, the family, and the absolute relaxation.  I hate missing Christmas Eve with my dad's mom's side of the family, but this is the easiest way to split it so that we can at least please the most people possible.

This year, we drove straight to church to meet my parents and Landon.  Parker was quiet for exactly 10 minutes before he practically burst to tell my mom all about his football helmet.  It was actually hilarious...suddenly he just turned around and looked at mom and says, "Gram Gram, I got a football helmet and I wear it on my head.  I love my football helmet."  Needless to say, Mom took him out of the sanctuary.

Present number two...the brown football...

...and he didn't want it...

...apparently because my mom already had a brown football,
Parker only wanted hers.  "Gram Gram has a brown football
for Parker." We even tried to hide hers...didn't work.

This is the only present we could get him to help open.  

Yep, he took apart the train track while we opened presents.

Big-boy backpack!!  The only other present he got
excited about!

He looks so big!

Still wearing the helmet...

Yep, clothes off, Toy Story and helmet on...

Toy Story again with Uncle Jeff about 4 hours later.

We were pretty darn tired.

A tunnel from Grandma and Big Dawg (yep, that is what
we have decided to call my grandpa.  It is only fitting
that G-Dawg's dad is Big Dawg...no?

Grandma and Big Dawg.

I'm just so tired Uncle Landon...
What a wonderful day!!


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