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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School number two...

We visited a second school.  Town Close Hall is in the middle of Norwich, and according to everyone we ask, the best private school in Norwich.  I was prepared to be critical and to try not to like it as well as Taverham (what can I say...I go for the underdogs), but I loved it.  We had a hurried tour because I apparently wrote the date down wrong and they didn't expect us yesterday, but they were still very friendly and the facilities were beautiful.  The only problem is that P would not be able to start school here until 2013.  His birthday falls one month after the cut-off so he would start one month before his fourth birthday and have to go everyday, all day.  I just really want him to have a transition period.  I think we might send him to Taverham for a year and then hopefully, he will get a spot at Town Close.  Decisions, decisions...:)

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the school.


Lindsey E. said...

Oh my gosh! Could you imagine if we had places like that here!

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