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Monday, December 19, 2011

So excited!!

We are getting so excited to go home for Christmas!!  So excited, in fact, that all of us have been fighting colds and fevers for the last two weeks.  Apparently we our bodies can not handle all of the excitement, ha.  Anyway, I am one of those crazy people who feels the need to deep clean my house before we go anywhere (I get this from my mom), so I have been trying to frantically clean faster than "Hurricane Parker" can destroy.  I did, however, want to make sure that I posted a few pictures of our first Christmas tree in England and Parker's visit with Father Christmas (that is what they call him here even though you still go to "Santa's Grotto" to see him).  So, here are a few pictures.

"Look Dad.  It's Christmas! Woo Hoo"


"See the snow?"

"It's a goal!"  This one took me a while to figure out.  It
sounded like goal, but I am an idiot.

The fake snow was really popular and really messy.

...and throw it back.

The elf took this picture herself.

Santa was really nice, but didn't pay much attention to P.  He
was more interested in talking about how we were from the US
and how much he liked California.  After P told him he wanted
a brown football and football helmet, the big guy just goes...
"that's nice.  I should have been a California beach bum, ha."
Seriously, Santa?  Oh, and did I mention that he called P a "she"
the entire time?  Oh goodness.

The tree is in Parker's play corner hence my
paintings in the corner.

Our family ornaments.

Elf on the Shelf.  Parker named him "Jack and the Flum Flum Tree."
We tried to shorten it to Jack, but P wouldn't have it.  

I swear his eyes follow you...ha.


VL said...

It's fine. My brothers named all the elves (there are like TEN) at my dad's house and some of them have the most RIDICULOUS names. So ridiculous I can't even remember so Jack and the Plum Plum tree sounds good.

Jamie said...

I love that P wants a brown football. Santa better be paying attention!!!

Can't wait to see you!!!

Lauren Grier said...

The elf is freakin' hysterical! And I can't believe Santa referred to P as a "she". Geesh. Oh well, at least P is a K-Stater at heart asking for a brown football. GO STATE!

Lindsey said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you guys are enjoying your time back in the states.

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