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Monday, December 12, 2011

I love London at Christmas!!

I love London all the time, but I really love it at Christmas!  Everyone is just bustling around and you can hear Christmas music at every corner and in every store.  We knew we wanted to visit before Christmas, but when my friend Jaime told me that she and her husband would be in town, it was a no-brainer.  We were so excited to see familiar faces and had a wonderful weekend!  I wish I would have taken more/better pictures, but honestly, it was so busy that I had trouble taking out my camera and had to use my phone (yes, the camera miraculously started working again).

Word Friends + iPad = easy train ride.  

The area next to the London Eye.  Crazy busy!!

It was COLD!!!  Hmmm, I'm not really sure how P got a
 pluggy in this picture...

These are fuzzy, but around Trafalgar Square, hundreds of people
 dressed like Santa were gathering...it was kind of weird...
especially the ones only dressed in read speedos and hats.

More Santas heading toward the tree.

AHHH, they're heading right for me!

Parker asking Jaime to dance inside of Harrods.

Giant bear in Harrods.

I'll just follow her, mom...

The outside of Harrods.  I wish this picture did it justice...it
was beautiful!

The London Eye and Aquarium. 

Oxford Street Shopping.

Somehow P got in on a photo shoot at River Island.  We
walked in and they asked if he could come up and take
a few pictures.  P did not disappoint and showed them some
excellent dance moves to make their day.

M&S mini-parade.

Parker picking up hay at the mulled wine stop at
Winter Wonderland.

Daddy telling P not to pick up the hay.

Crowds at Winter Wonderland.

Right after church at Westminster Abbey.

Jaime and Brian.  We are soooo thankful
we got to see them!!!
A Starbucks man gave us a chocolate...this is what happened
when I gave P a piece the size of a dime.


VL said...

Were you just there this past weekend? Because there were also large groups of santas in NYC. Do you think this could be universal? And we were in London at Thanksgiving last year and it was decorated too - it seems about the same and made me miss it. Love it!

Karen said...

Just like our trip last year. Don't you love the way they decorated above the streets, with lights in the shapes of presents and stars . . . and umbrellas? It was a magical time!!! Glad you got to experience it!

Lauren Grier said...

I didn't know Jaime and Brian were in London! How fun! Glad you got to see them!

Kenneth said...

Mulled wine at Winter Wonderland is maybe one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas anywhere in the world. Hope you guys are having a great 2012 across the pond!

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