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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I used to think it was weird...

Living here is great, but sometimes strange.  I constantly have people ask me about what is different here, so I decided I would start a weekly post about just that.  If you like random factoids, you'll probably get a kick out of this.  If you don't...well, you don't have to read it, ha.  Plus, I figured it will probably help me remember little tidbits about our life here when Parker starts to ask questions.

When we first moved here, I thought this was so strange...two yellow lights.  Yes, the yellow light comes on both before the the light turns red and also before the light turns green.  This means that when you see the light below...people are already pushing the gas pedal.   Yep, I used to think it was weird too! 


Alison said...

It's the same here in Germany! It is super weird though, but when you get used to it and go back to the States it makes the change from red to green seem so sudden. It is weird!

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