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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Camera!

Brady and I got a new camera for each other for Christmas (and birthday and anniversary...for the next three years).  I don't know how to use it yet, but it is fantastic.  I cannot wait to learn, but until I do, here are a ton of pictures from the rest of our trip home.  We had an amazing time.  We did learn that we need more time next year because we didn't have any time to see friends (with the exception of a couple), but now we know and hopefully can make some changes for next year.  Here is the rest of our trip in pictures!

Apparently this is how Parker "thinks".  He was doing this
and saying, "hmmm, let me think."

Parker was trying to tell my cousin, Kristy, that she couldn't
have a marshmallow.  

My friends Jamie and Drew and Heather and Tim were nice
enough to come by my parent's house so that I could see them!

Yep, I like this picture better.

My cousin's son, Adrian.

Did I mention that I LOVE my mom's house at Christmas?

The jersey got washed...a lot.

P wanted to go to the Park, but it was dark and cold and I
wouldn't let him take off his sweater.  He was not happy.

Really not happy.

We were trying not to laugh.

We had cheesecake for Brady's pretend birthday party, but
all P liked was the chocolate fudge on top...like mother like son.

And this is when Lando almost broke my camera...

...does it help his case any if I tell you that this is only the
second of around 20 pictures I took...?
My Grandmother and Bill

We saw more cows.

Grandma Doris and Grandpa Newell

The view from Brady's grandparent's house.

I see Willie!

The people in front of us did not think the "claw" was a great idea.

He was so excited to see Willie, but then clammed up when it was our turn.

And then made his way back down to watch...

...Willie didn't see him...:(

Papa Wes

Yeah so maybe I'm hoping to recreate this picture in like 20
years with P wearing a cap and gown...parents can hope:)

"I see my shadow!"


boom...this was the end of our campus photo shoot.

One last Toy Story viewing.

Parker would only take a bath with his hat.

We almost made it...

Heading to the airport!

He looks so big!

Stuck behind the chairs...shoot.
Yep, that is a whoopie cushion...and yes, we let him get it out
at the airport.

Oh and don't worry, the football helmet made an appearance more
than once.


Rachel said...

That was a lot of pictures! Excited about the camera. Parker cracks me up--and his hair looks like it's FInley's twin!

Karen said...

I laughed and laughed at the pictures, especially Parker in the bathtub with his hat on! Hilarious.

Ali Moore said...

So excited for you and your camera! Let me know if you have any questions. I can (maybe) help - so much of it is learn as you go. Just try to take pictures every day. :)

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